Strategic Relation Principal Consultant

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Date: May 15, 2024

Location: Abu Dhabi, AE

Company: Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority

A. Strategy and Planning

• Develop and manage the implementation and update of the section related policy, procedures manual, delegation of authority, systems user manuals and standard forms, and ensure compliance across the Authority and alignment with ADAA’s overall policies and procedures.
• Develop and manage the implementation, and update of the section’s strategic, budget and procurement, and operational plans ensuring alignment with the department and sector’s strategy and objectives, and ADAA’s mission and vision.
• Ensure effective cascading of the department and sector’ strategy and objectives, and ADAA’s mission and vision into the section’s strategic, budget and procurement, and operational plans to achieve ADAA’s overall objectives.
• Develop the section’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in line with ADAA’s overall objectives and ensure individual KPIs are met to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


B. Operations (with sub-headings)
• Manage the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and guidelines for strategic relationships ensuring alignment with the ADAA Strategies and best practices.
• Develop and manage the implementation of partnership and relationship management strategies, systems, and process to support ADAA in fostering strategic relationships with other entities.
• Lead the development of strategic relationship plan to establish relationships with different stakeholders internally and externally in order to support the executions of ADAA mandate and objectives.
• Manage and lead Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between ADAA and relevant entities and ensure the effective execution of the MOU as per agreed objectives.
• Manage and lead the research of potential stakeholders.
• Develop and maintain strong working relationships with key internal and external stakeholders through effective communication and negotiation.


C. Talent Management and Development
• Manage the effective achievement of assigned section operational goals through effective leadership by setting individual objectives, managing performance within the section, and developing and motivating the team to maximize performance. • Monitor a section’s training plan to ensure that the team attends all trainings and development activities required for the role for continuous performance improvements. • Conduct performance evaluation of subordinates against KPIs by monitoring individual performance, reviewing progress reports, recommending corrective actions, and providing overall assessment to support the achievement of ADAA’s overall objectives.
• Manage team workload within the section through the appropriate delegation of work.
• Motivate subordinates, especially focusing on developing capabilities of UAE National employees, to develop a motivated and high-performance team.

• Ensure employee adherence and compliance with all ADAA corporate policies, procedures and guidelines (HR, IT, Procurement, Finance, Health and Safety etc.) within the assigned section.
• Manage and review section’s related correspondence such as e-mails, memos, and letters to ensure professionalism, completeness and accuracy of information.
• Manage the retention, documentation, preservation, and archive of section’s related physical and electronic records in accordance with relevant policies and procedures.
• Manage any section related queries and ensure that required response and support are provided to relevant ADAA’s organizational units and employees as and when required.
• Ensure relevant technologies used within ADAA are utilized by employees in order to optimize work efficiency.
• Ensure compliance with ADAA’s values, Code of Business Conduct and ethics at all times to support the establishment of a value driven culture within the Authority.
• Ensure the implementation of the relevant health and safety legislation, policies and procedures, in the performance of duties within the assigned section.
• Lead the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement and sustainability of systems, processes and practices considering global standards, productivity improvement and cost reduction.
• Ensure that all reports are prepared accurately, submitted timely and meet ADAA requirements and quality standards.


E. General
• The level of performance should reflect the academic qualification, type of courses in the field of specialization, employee job level, and the level of productivity.
• The academic and professional certificates required and approved by ADAA should be acquired within the period specified and based on the employee’s Individual Development Plan.
• Perform the task and responsibilities independently unless an approval or directive was obtained to delegate the task to other employees in case of incapability to perform the tasks and responsibilities.
• Ensure teamwork, collaboration, and dedication in performing duties.
• Showcase a strong leadership to the team members.
• Knowledge and awareness about the capabilities of the subordinates and showcase a strong knowledge in the field of specialization.
• Provide the required support and guidance to the subordinates.
• Take responsibility of the decisions made.
• Execute any other task and activities as per the leadership directions.


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