Legal Researcher

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Date: Mar 18, 2024

Location: Abu Dhabi, AE

Company: Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority

Key Responsibilities/Duties

  1. Strategy and Planning
  • Contribute to the development, maintenance and implementation of all Reports Section of Anti-Corruption related policies, procedures, processes and controls to ensure consistency in application across ADAA and all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering quality and cost-effective service.
  • Gather and update Subject Entity data required as input for Understanding the Entity’s Business. 
  • Complete specific tasks and procedures in respect of engagement planning e.g. testing controls, walk through system processes to confirm engagement team understanding, perform data analysis and provide input to the engagement planning analytical review procedures.
  • Suggest recommendations in short and long term plans for “Organizational Development” to ensure efficiency of services provided.

Ensure to meet Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Operations (with sub-headings)
  • Assist in conducting record checks with Record Management System (RMS) and ensure that the results of checking are included in the relevant CR before submission.
  • Follow up the actions following the decisions made in respect of the complaints received, pass the relevant CRs that are classified as “corruption pursuable” to the Registry for opening investigation files for the Investigation Section to conduct administrative investigation, and CRs that are classified as “corruption non-pursuable” to the Intelligence Section for intelligence gathering and development
  • Assist in monitoring trend of reporting violations and provide periodic briefings to the Directorate to facilitate their formulation of strategy to combat financial and administrative corruption and assessment of public attitude about reporting violations.
  • Liaise with ADAA’s in-house IT Department to ensure secure operation of the various IT systems used by Anti-Corruption, including the CMS and RMS, as well as secure storage of confidential digital information/data of Anti-Corruption.
  • Conduct legal research on subjects required by the Directorate.
  • Conduct legal research required by the relevant departments on applicable laws, rules and regulations to facilitate their work.
  • Assist in the preparation of SOPs pertaining to various functional responsibilities of Anti-Corruption as required.
  • Assist in monitoring and reviewing the latest development of applicable laws, rules and regulations in order to keep the relevant SOPs up-to-date; and to inform the Directorate and officers of any such development without delay.
  • Assist in monitoring the introduction of any new applicable laws, rules or regulations; update the relevant SOPs and bring them to the attention of the Directorate and officers as required.
  • Update SOPs pursuant to any revised work practices or procedures.
  • Coordinate the updating of in-house policies and operational/investigative procedures, etc.
  • Assist the Directorate regarding quality management practices as required.
  1. Talent Management and Development
  • Ensure completion of required trainings and certification programs in order to keep current with job requirements and ensure continuous performance improvements.
  • Obtain timely performance review assessments from project manager on assignments after its completion which will serve as an input to his midyear and annual performance review.
  • Adhere to job training and conduct knowledge sharing to facilitate achievement of team objectives and completion of tasks in an efficient manner which is consistent with operating procedures and policy.
  • Elevate the organization’s values and ethics in all activities within the team to support the establishment of a value drive culture within the organization.
  • Keep current with updated information relevant to the role to ensure standard performance level is achieved.
  • Maintain regular contacts with the relevant staff from other departments of ADAA to ensure consistency and coordination.
  • Contribute to knowledge dissemination/sharing in a way that assists with building internal capabilities of employees where applicable and maximize their effective performance.
  • Contribute to the development of UAE National employees in a manner which supports the objectives of the organization and its Emiratization strategy.
  1. Corporate
  • Ensure adherence and compliance with all ADAA Corporate Policies, Procedures and Guidelines (HR, IT, Procurement, Finance, Health and Safety etc.), and applicable job related guidance such as Methodologies and Procedures.
  • Follow all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures, and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
  • Demonstrate compliance to organization’s values and ethics at all times to support the establishment of a value drive culture within the organization.
  • Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement and sustainability of systems, processes and practices considering global standards, productivity improvement and cost reduction.
  • Assist in the preparation of timely and accurate statements and reports to meet department requirements, policies, and quality standards.
  • Maintain, at all times, the confidentiality of any information obtained in the discharge of the duties of the post.
  • Understand and strictly adhere to all the clauses of ADAA’s Code of Business Conduct.
  • Co-operate in the implementation of the relevant health and safety legislation, policies and procedures, in the performance of the duties.

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